Car paint protection by specialists in Easton In Gordano

Transform the look of your car today

Whether you want to look after your vehicle or just purchased a used car and feel it’s not looking its best, we can transform it for you. 
Our services include:
  • Paint enhancement detail
  • Paint protection application
  • Carpro Cquartz Uk ceramic paint protection
Take a look at our gallery to view some examples of our work.
Car Protection Services
– Clay barred to remove bonded contaminants
– Re washed
– Door shuts cleaned
– Multi stage machine polish
– Re washed to remove dust from machine polishing
– Exhaust tailpipes polished
– Wheel faces polished
– Tyres & exterior trim dressed
– Hard wax applied
From £350 depending on size and condition of vehicle, please allow minimum of 2 days for this as it can only be completed at our address.
Add Carpro Cquartz Uk ceramic paint protection from £150

Paint Protection with Carpro Cquartz UK

Have you recently purchased/ordered a new car? No doubt the main dealers will have offered you one of their own paint protection for a high price tag, more often than not the products used are not of the highest quality and what’s worse the preparation for applying is not adhered to, we have seen cars that have had protection applied over the top of overspray and much worse!
When you have your car protected with us we undertake a thorough preparation process to remove any contaminants and light marring/swirls in the paintwork ensuring you get the best finish possible.
 – Snow foamed
 – Rinsed
 – Handwashed
 – Tar spots / glue residue removed
 – Chemically decontaminated to remove any fallout
 – Clay barred
 – Re washed
 – Dried
 – Single stage machine polish
 – Wiped down with panel wipe to remove any oils on paintwork from polishing
 -Wheels cleaned and sealed with high temp wax
 – Trim and tries dressed
 – Carpro Cquartz UK applied
New cars from £295 depending on size. 
Used cars can have Carpro Cquartz UK applied following a paint enhancement.