Car detailing services in Easton In Gordano

Rely on the professionals at Viper Valets for a complete car detailing service. Get in touch for more information and quotes. At Viper Valets, we offer you excellent valeting packages at highly competitive prices. Get in touch for a free quote.

Professional detailing services

Do you want your car to look as good as it did when you bought it? We’re here to help. At Viper Valets, we have a variety of detailing options to revitalise your car. From refreshing your car’s bodywork to thoroughly cleaning alloy wheels, we can do it all. Take a look at our gallery to see some of our previous work.

Our detailing services include:

  • Glass rain repellent(£20 for each window, £50 for all windows)
  • Headlight restoration
  • Alloy wheel restoration
  • Interior upholstery protection (starts from £30)
  • Paint enhancement

Prestige Plus Detail

Our prestige plus detail is designed to give your car some love and bring it back to life or if you are looking to sell your car then this detail will increase the value.
It includes everything from our prestige plus valet plus the addition of being clay barred and a single stage machine polish which will vastly improve the feel and finish of your car leaving a high gloss finish and removing light marring and light swirls from the paintwork, deeper marks will also be visibly reduced.
From £275 depending on size and condition of vehicle, please allow 1 and a half days for this and it would need to be completed at our address
Further stages of machine polishing can be added for deeper swirl and scratch removal

Headlight restoration

Most modern vehicles have headlight lenses made from polycarbonate. Over time the manufacturer applied protection deteriorates and could cause yellowness or haziness. This could impair night time driving and could cause your car to fail its MOT due to incorrect beam image. When you choose Viper Valets for restoring your headlights, you can be assured of a top quality service. 
We use differing grades of polishing sealed with Cquartz Dlux UV sealant. sealant for our work. The lenses are then sealed using a UV proof plastic sealant to give a long lasting finish. 

Headlight restoration – start from £35 per light or £50 for the pair
Valet After.jpg
Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Alloy wheel restoration

Build-up of tar spots, brake dust and other contaminants can make your wheels look old and tired. You can count on us for excellent wheel cleans. When you book in for the service, we will remove all 4 wheels of your vehicle. The alloys are then washed meticulously using an acid-free wheel cleaner, and treated with a fall out removed to remove any metal contaminants. They are then de-tarred and clay barred to remove any final particles bonded to them. This is followed by a machine polish with different compounds depending on the metal type. Once your wheels are polished to a high gloss finish, we will seal them using Cquartz Dlux alloy coating. 
Wheel cleaning – £35 for each wheel 
£100 for all wheels

Exterior glass rain repellent windscreen 

Have your windscreen sealed with a coating of Flyby Forte, improving visibility for wet weather driving. As rain droplets slide off the windscreen fast, at speeds over 30mph, it also provides resistance to scratches and minor stone chips.

Windscreen (single) £20, all windows £50. 

Cleaning and protecting your vehicle’s fabric roof

Vehicle manufacturers recommend reproofing your fabric convertible roofs on a yearly basis to maintain the integrity of your fabrics. Overexposure to varying climatic conditions can take a toll on fabric convertible roofs, leaving them free from algae/lichen growth. 
Here at Viper Valets detailing we thoroughly clean the roof to remove any traces of algae/lichen, we also allow it to fully dry before applying 2 coats of Cquartz Fabric protect.

Fabric roof clean and protect – starts from £70